Welcome to #weechat - help channel for WeeChat                                                  
20101225-09:10:00       -->mario (test@foo.com) has joined #weechat               @carl     
20101225-09:10:25   richardHello!                                                 @jessika  
20101225-09:11:02        --carl has changed topic for #weechat from "Welcome"     @louise   
20101225-09:11:02          to "Welcome to #weechat - help channel for WeeChat"    %Melody   
20101225-09:11:36     peterhi mario, I just tested your patch                     %Diego    
20101225-09:12:04       <--joe (something@host.com) has left #weechat (bye!)      +Max      
20101225-09:15:58       leeI would like to ask something                           sheryl   
20101225-09:16:12     @carljust ask!                                               Harold^  
20101225-09:16:27       leeWeeChat is great?                                       richard  
20101225-09:17:00   %Melodyyes                                                     celia    
20101225-09:17:04    %Diegoindeed                                                  Eva      
20101225-09:17:08      +Maxsure                                                    freddy   
20101225-09:17:12    sherylof course!                                              lee      
20101225-09:17:16   Harold^affirmative                                             madeleine
20101225-09:17:20   richardall right                                               mario    
20101225-09:17:24     celiaobviously...                                            mila     
20101225-09:17:28       Evacertainly!                                              peter    
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